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Urosept herbal tablets - with tendency to cystitis, kidney stones, diuretic, brake cystitis, formation of kidney stones, clean, beneficial in rheumatism, skin blemishes

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Urosept herbal tablets

The Urosept tablets contain birch leaves, parsley root, bean pods, which intensify the work of the kidneys and have a diuretic effect, whereby more and more sodium ions, chlorides, uric acid, metabolic products are excreted. The body is cleaned and deacidified. The bilberry leaves prevent the onset of bacteria in the mucous membrane of the bladder and urinary tract and prevent bacterial infection. The chamomile flowers have an anti-inflammatory effect. The added potassium citrate and sodium citrate prevent the formation of kidney stones or slow it down. The cleansing effect of the herbs has a favorable effect on rheumatism, arthritis and skin diseases. The Urosept tablets support the work of the kidneys in kidney weakness, recurrent bladder infections, kidney stones.
Composition: dry extract of birch leaves, parsley root, bean husks 86,2mg, bean husks crushed 78mg, dry extract of blueberry leaves Vitis idea 26mg, dry extract of chamomile 8mg, potassium citrate 19mg, sodium citrate 16mg, contains lactose, sucrose and pills additives
Dosage: 3 times a day 2 tablets

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