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Removable and cleaning drops 35ml

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Slimming and Cleansing Drops 35ml

The mixture of essential oils of peppermint, fennel, lemon balm and cumin stimulates the digestion and secretion of gastric juice and bile, dissipates the gases and prevents bloating. The essential oils also soothe the gastrointestinal activity, especially during stress and mental stress and help to optimally digest the food without creating pressure, discomfort and pain. Prolonged mental stress is closely related to weight gain and the drops effectively reduce the consequences of it.
The essential oils have a diuretic effect and improve the cleansing function of the kidneys; Metabolites and uric acids are excreted more effectively, which cleanses the body. This is especially for Rehuma, gout, blemishes of advantage.

Composition: peppermint oil 10%, fennel oil 10%, lemon balm oil 10%, caraway oil 5%

Dosage: 3-5 drops are dissolved in one liter of boiled water and drunk throughout the day.

You can improve the taste of the essential oils by adding a little honey. Honey in moderation has a positive health effect, especially when left dissolved in lukewarm water over the night. Then digestive enzymes form, which additionally have a positive effect on the digestion.

European production
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