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Relakson - Herbal tea for relaxation, soothing, good sleep, with mental stress with 6 herbs, 30 x 2 g, 60g

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Relakson - Herbal tea for relaxation, soothing, good sleep

The carefully selected herbs soothe the central nervous system, relax, remedy stress, relieve nervous restlessness. They dilate the blood vessels, lower blood pressure, help with falling asleep and give healthy sleep. Because stress and restlessness can also affect the digestion, the herbs also relax and relax the gastrointestinal tract, stimulate the release of the digestive juices and bile and facilitate digestion.

Composition per teabag:

Baldrian root 0,6g, White thornbush 0,4g, Melissenblätter 0,3g, Hopfzapfen 0,3g, Peppermint 0,2g, Chamomile 0,2g


brew two teabags and allow to draw for up to 15 minutes. Drink up to 4 times daily. For small tensions, 1 tea bag is sufficient.
Warning: No car can be driven up to 2 hours after the intake
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