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Evening primrose oil 250ml, cold pressed, natural, slows down neurodermatitis, regenerates dry skin, with scaling, itching, painful joints, high blood pressure, complaints before menstruation

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Evening primrose

The evening primrose oil contains a body-essential cis-linolenic acid, which it then converts to gamma-linolenic acid and is needed for the formation of prostaglandins. The body can not form cis-linolenic acid itself, it should be added to the food. The prostaglandins participate in most body processes that decide on the health. They activate metabolism, dilate blood vessels, lower blood pressure, prevent clumping of platelets, reduce the formation of harmful LDL cholesterol and protect against arteriosclerosis. They activate the white platelets, strengthen the immune system and prevent liver damage. The prostaglandins also relieve the painful inflammation of the joints of various causes, as well as the complaints of premenstrual syndrome in women, which manifest as irritability, tension in the breasts, metabolic disorders. The lack of prostaglandins manifests first on the skin, which dries up, becomes sensitive and itches. In some people, the enzyme that converts cis-linolenic acid to gamma-linolenic acid and, as a result, manifests as a skin disease with scaling and redness, lacks eczema. Because the evening primrose oil also contains up to 14% of gamma-linolenic acid, which needs no conversion, it significantly slows down the atopic dermatitis complaints. The oil provides the skin with moisture and inhibits typical eczema signs, as well as helps to relieve reddened skin, itching and flaking makes every skin smoother and smoother. The holistic effect of evening primrose oil corresponds to the teachings of Tibetan Medicine, which considers the body as a unity and strengthens it at all levels.
Evening primrose oil (Oenothera biennis) 500mg, Vitamin E 10mg (covers 85% of the recommended daily requirement) Dosage: 1-3 capsules daily
European production.
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