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Blackcurrant tea - a Vitaltonikum for immune system and anti-aging 20 bags x 3g, 60g

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Blackcurrant tea

This fruit can be found only one of the finest fruits, the black currant.
It is rich in vitamin C, B and flavonoids, such as rutin and anthocyanins. Vitamin C in combination with rutin, which thickens the vessel walls, strengthens the immune system to fight viruses and bacteria. It also includes how the anthocyanins, which are found in dark color currant to strong antioxidants. They slow down the destructive effects of free radicals and control against the aging. The antioxidants Especially to be active against age-related changes in the brain and protect or delay them from dementia. It was reported that an adequate supply of antioxidants the brain performance, particularly at the age maintains. Vitamin C and flavonoids, the human body only slightly save, so it is important they inflict with daily food.
Blackcurrant, tea bags with 3G for a content ample tea, free from synthetic aroma.
European production.
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