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Indian Watermelon - improves blood circulation and wound healing, lowers blood pressure, increases brain power, concentration, lowers stress levels, soothes, 60 capsules

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Indian Watermelon

Indian aquatic fork, (Centella asiatica) also known as Gotu kola or tiger grass is an aquatic plant that grows in the tropical regions of the earth. It is in use in traditional Chinese medicine, Ayurveda, in Indonesia. All parts of the plant: leaves that float on the water surface, root and stems are used therapeutically. The main active ingredients of Centella, the bacosides (A and B) play a central role in their action. They contain u.a. the amino acid arginine, which releases the nitrogen, making the vessel walls more elastic and relaxing the aorta and veins. The Centella also improves blood flow by increasing the fluidity of the blood and the increased blood pressure can return to normal. The plant performs well in venous and heavy legs, because it improves the venous circulation and strengthens the walls of the capillaries in the legs.
Gotu Cola stimulates the central nervous system, improves blood flow to the brain and its work, increases mental performance, memory, concentration. It gently reduces the tension and stress levels without making you tired. Gotu Kola is recommended for those who need to work under stress. It also performs well in the case of reduced concentration and memory in advanced age. Indian pennywort also stimulates blood formation in the bone marrow and improves blood quality (red and white blood cells).
Centella influences developmental stages in the formation of connective tissue and increases keratin formation, which stimulates the healing of ulcers and damaged skin, as well as the regeneration of connective tissue with tightening. Traditionally, Centella is used for wound healing, burns and scars, as confirmed by scientific research.
Composition: Extract of Indian water netting 4: 1, 300mg, filler: cellulose, capsule of gelatin
Dosage: 1-2 capsules daily about 15.min before the meal in the morning

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